BYO Bag Glastonbury


Bring your own bag for shopping.

Whether it's groceries, farmstand produce, 

gifts or clothing, reduce your amount of 

trash created to bring items home.

 Keep extra reusable bags in the car, in your purse

 or pack, and in easy to reach places near 

the door to grab when leaving home. 

Take Action


Let elected officials know you want their support

to REDUCE plastic pollution and waste in our community.  Add your name today.


8 pm Town Hall

Help fill the room with supporters.

If speaking, ask the Town Council to AMEND the current draft ordinance. See below.

Join Us


Civic groups, non-profits, faith communities 

and businesses, please join us in our mission 

to eliminate single-use plastics. 

Contact us to add your logo and become part of

 the Skip the Plastic Glastonbury coalition. 

Attend the June 11 public hearing, 8 pm Town Hall. Ask for a better ordinance.


Draft Language Needs Amending

Good news! Our Town Councilors have made diligent efforts to move a plastic bag ban forward. The Policy & Ordinance Committee discussed edits to a previously released draft ordinance on 6/4/19.


They have been fine-tuning the language and it appears that the draft language will restrict plastic film bags under 12 mil thickness.  We will continue to ask the Town Council to add a 10 cent fee for recyclable paper bags to be kept by stores

What has passed in CT?

Currently, 15 towns and cities have passed laws banning plastic checkout bags. The majority of these laws do not allow plastic bags under 12 mil thickness to be given out free by stores.  Several towns have defined reusable bags as cloth or fiber bags only that are machine washable. About half of CT's and the US locally passed laws also include a 10 cent fee kept by stores. The State of California has a 10 cent fee kept by ALL stores for paper. A recent NY State law permits Counties to enact a 10 cent fee for paper.

Why a 10 cent fee?

A switch from plastic to always taking "free" paper bags isn't a sustainable solution.  The goal is to encourage customers to BYO bag when shopping.  A 10 cent fee kept by stores supports small businesses in town and provides financial encouragement for people to BYO bag instead of just switching to paper.  A study done in Richmond CA shows that after a 10 cent paper bag fee was enacted while banning plastic bags, customers spent less than $4 a YEAR on bags. They mostly  used no bag for a few items or brought their own. Paper bags contribute to excessive greenhouse gases to produce, deliver and to dispose (incinerated in CT). It is a minimal cost if people forget to bring a bag AND it is avoided by people who BYO bag. "Free" bags are factored into business costs or overall costs of groceries., so people who BYO bag are really subsidizing those who don't.

Donate Now

We are dedicated to improving the lives of those in our community. 

Your contribution today helps us maintain this website, hold community events and provide reusable bags for free to those in need.

You will donate via TALK Glastonbury, but all funds donated through this site will be allocated to the work of the Skip The Plastic Glastonbury Project.

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